About us

Know Your Limits, Ski Beyond Them

Launched in 2018, Gulmarg Ski Academy is the country’s premier state-of-the art ski and snowboarding adventure destination amidst the astounding Himalayan backdrop. An avenue dedicated to enable skiers with world-class infrastructure and training in winter sports, access to professional trainers, and bring unparalleled experiences to the floor.

As the organizers of Ski and Snowboarding programs in Gulmarg, we not only ensure your safety while Skiing but also your wellbeing. Apart from being affiliated with the Government of Jammu & Kashmir, we have a strong support from the managing committee of Gulmarg who will make sure that you have a safe and hassle-free Ski experience.

The picturesque town hill station, Gulmarg, started with its first Ski Club of India in 1927. And has been known as a popular ski destination ever since. Every year it witnesses groups of adventure sports enthusiasts visiting from across the globe for its diverse and extreme powder terrain.

Which made it crucial for the city and sports facilitators to maintain the security and aura of the place recreation worthy.